About the York Branch

The York Branch (No.28) was founded in 1955. It currently meets on the first Thursday of every month (except January) in Fulford, York. The York Branch is on hand to assist in practical welfare assistance to any past or present Coldstreamer from the York area who suffers ill-health, infirmity or accident. Where members of the Regiment lose their lives, the Branch is always ready to assist the bereaved families in any way it can, and we hold regular fund-raising activities in order to assist in welfare activities. Finding employment for those leaving the Regiment is also a going concern, and at any Branch meeting you will find members who have pursued a wide selection of second careers after their Army service. Branch meetings and dinners provide an excellent opportunity for networking.

The Branch holds regular social events throughout the year, all of which can be found on the events page. We would like to encourage all past and present Coldstreamers from the York area to pop along to a Branch meeting or join us at an event; we are a friendly lot and we are all here for one purpose – to look after each other from cradle to grave. Subscriptions are currently only £5 per year, and you only need do as much as you are able. Serving members can arrange Branch affiliation through the Regimental Sergeant Major of the 1st Battalion. The main focus is for you to feel at home amongst your former comrades once again, and have an opportunity to pull up a sandbag and tell the odd war story or two..


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