Coldstream Guards Memorial March 2015

Coldstream Guards Memorial march 2015

The Coldstream Guards Memorial March was an annual fundraising event for the Regimental Charitable Fund of the Coldstream Guards (Reg No 275062). The charity supports members of the Coldstream Guards and their dependents and is the first line of support for soldiers, officers and their families in times of bereavement, injury, illness or trauma. The fund also supports welfare initiatives for serving members of the regiment and their families. The march is organised and delivered by the York Branch of The Coldstream Guards Association. The objectives of the Memorial March were:

  • To honour the memory of Coldstreamers who have lost their lives in service
  • To raise money for the Regimental Charitable Fund
  • To attract new members to the Coldstream Guards Association
  • To raise public awareness of the contemporary military environment


This event took place in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and raised approximately £3,500 for the Regimental Fund.



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